Torreoscura [EN]

If in mid-2020 we present Torreoscura in spanish for our C64, this time we do the same with the English version of the same game.
This title is a text adventure that is divided into 2 parts, full of collaborators that you can see below.
This game has been ported to different systems and, unlike the first spanish release, this time the versions for the rest of the systems will be released as they are concluded, not at the same time.


The history:

My life was endless hours and more hours of work, with an urgent need for free time and lack of rest, where routine was the result of every step I took and I was pigeonholed, going around in the same loop, until almost touching background ... ... and this year, no matter what happened, I had proposed to go anywhere, without a specific destination but far from civilization or, at least, from what surrounded my day to day.

By chance of fate, a letter came to me from a remote town, Torreoscura, of which I had never heard. The sender was an old classmate, a boy named Marc and with whom I shared a couple of years at the desk until he left school for some reason that I still do not know. On several occasions I met his sister, Karla, a couple of years older than him and with whom he got along wonderfully well. After both of them left, I never heard from them again and my surprise was to receive her invitation, as pleasant as it was strange at the same time.

So I made the preparations and left, without thinking twice, with a destination almost chosen at random and hoping that benevolence would travel with me and compensate for the shortage of time for myself. I only asked for a few days of escape that were pleasantly awaited and I think deserved.

And without anticipating the path that you yourself must undertake towards Torreoscura, with its hazards and fatalities, which I never thought or would have imagined would happen, took over my life and here now I am, isolated from the world and where I can only hope that someone will come and take me out of this eternal loneliness and the curse that bites and lengthens every moment in my life as it withers it with relentless speed.

How to play:

We are in front of a text adventure, divided into 2 parts. The keyboard is the means with which we must carry out our actions and the game will place us in the vicinity of Torreoscura. The text will tell us what happens and we, using the keyboard, must discover the intertwining of the story, what happens, look for our host Marc and find out what is hidden behind all this mystery.

To move through the mapping we can use the cardinal points, N, S, E, W, UP or DOWN. We can also do it with: GO + DESTINATION, such as GO CHURCH.
To perform the actions we have to use VERB + OBJECT. An example would be OPEN UMBRELLA or GET BOOK.
The most common verbs are: GET, TAKE, SPEAK, OPEN, CLOSE, USE, GO, PUSH, PULL, GIVE, WAIT, UP, DOWN, EXAMINE ...

To end the game: END.
To pass / wait a turn: WAIT.
To see the credits: INFO.
To view the help screen: HELP.
To record a game to disk or tape: SAVE.
To load a game from disk or tape: LOAD.
To re-describe a screen: LOOK or R.
To examine an object: BROWSE or EX.

In order to access the second part we will need a password that will be provided to us in the first part.
Use a Disc Drive or Datassete to save your game.

Translating and updating version 1.0

We have done the translation and testing of this English version from here and as always, with the help of Miguel Sky, Rockersuke and Nich Campbell. The versions that you can download, the one in English and Spanish, are 1.1 and are revised and updated with respect to the previous one. Some aspects of the game have also enharced. The interruptions of the music while the screen is drawn that have been improved, each of the 2 parts has a different melody and for each language a CRT file has been created with a selection menu where you choose the part you want to load. The game is, as always, to download for free and also, if you want to buy any of the 2 versions of the game in cartridge format, you just have to go to the link below.


The credits of the game in all its different versions are for: 

  • Loading screen made by R. International.
  • Idea, programming, C64 version and in-game graphics by Bieno.
  • Game music by Baron Ashler.
  • Version for Amstrad CPC by Miguel Sky.
  • Versions for MS Dos, Amstrad PCW, MSX and ZX Spectrum by Rockersuke.
  • Version for Oric by Bieno, DOM & Chema Enguita.
  • Linking and help in programming by Karmic.
  • Cartridge version assembly by J.J. Saenz.
  • Original PCB Board by Hucky.
  • Cover and instruction book by Igor Errazking and José Zanni.
  • Tests in the Spanish version by Miguel Sky and Rockersuke.
  • Tests in the English version by Nich Campbell and Miguel Sky.

 The game can be found in:  

  • You can download the game at ITCHIO.
  • In cartridge format in THIS Amigastore link
  • You can download the ZX Spectrum, Amstrad PCW & MS DOS games HERE

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