Xain'D Sleena, from Sputnik World [EN]

Some months ago, R. International finished Labyrinth and since then he didn't stop until they managed one of the objectives they wanted to reach for the C64: To publish a decent versi贸n of the Xain'D Sleena arcade and to put the things into their places, like this game deserves. You have to remember that Softek produced a versi贸n of the game called SOLDIER OF LIGHT and, if you like the arcade you see how this adaptation leaves much to be desired.

After 10 months of hard work, many hours stuck to the monitor, numbers, calculating and many nights of intensive program we can enjoy his last creation.

The graphics have been done completely by R.International, as well as all the code. It is easy to see the development for better and all the visual, background, animations and sprites are a real luxury. Programming for R. International has advanced a lot and we can expect only the best for the future and see how he will surprise us. Besides it is the first title which is published under his own name, Sputnik World and we wish him all the best, which only one get by sacrifice and many hours of work.

The SID loading has been carried out by Baron Ashler; of Kabuto Factory. Well and perfect for the introduction. This boy really is gifted and his progression is clearly going up.

We hope that you will like it. It  took many months of hard work by R: International and he show us the importance of the assembler languaje. Remember, for the people that doesn't realize it, that he knows nothing, ZERO, about assembler 2 years ago. This only means that, if you want something, you can do and it depends ONLY on yourself.

Be watchful and stay tuned for next SPUTNIK WORLD releases.


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