The Prisoner [EN]

viernes, 31 de octubre de 2014
The Prisoner

Without any doubt and time will confirm it, one of the best series and as relevant as unknown to many, is the one that we present you in the form of a text adventure. The Prisoner was filmed between 1967 and 1968. It was thought up by Patrick McGoohan and George Markstein, the first one being its main actor and produced by ITC Entertainment. On the whole they filmed 17 episodes which lasted 50 minutes each.

The Prisoner

The Prisoner

The series, and game, begins with the resigning of the main actor of his job in the British Secret Service. He, going back to his apartment, wants to leave quickly from there to go far away. But he is caught with sleeping gas and is taken to a misterious beach village called The Village. There he is given number 6 and he tries to escape by all means possible while he is trying to find out who is number 1 and if this number is the person who is in charge of The Village.

The Prisoner

Commodore Format Power Pack

Unfortunately for our c64, there exists no adventure, no game refering to the series and so we decided to produce one trying to be loyal to the series, making it the most similar to the script and striving that it should be entertaining. Besides we had the cooperation of Rockersuke and MiguelSky to manage to publish the 3 versions at the same time, Amstrad CPC, Commodore 64 and ZX Spectrum. The music for the version of C64 was a colaboration by Baron Ashler of Kabuto Factory.

The Prisoner

Remember that, like most of the text adventures, LOOK is used to make a general overall view and EXAMINE to see something in detail. To record a part, what you can do on diskette or tape, you have to make it with SAVE and to recuperate it, LOAD. For the screen of the credits INFO and for help, type HELP 
What must you do? Who brought you here? And why? All these questions you have to work out by playing and putting yourself into the skin of number 6. It is on your hands to discover it.

And finally, the competition: 
We have 3 lots of The Prisoner on tape, recorded on side A in Spanish and on B side in English. Besides we give, as a present, 3 copies of Castle Belmar/Castillo Belmar (Paul Dunric) also in both languages and compatible with C64, VIC20 and the MAX Machine. This little adventure is in 2 languages too and Lobogris translated the original into spanish.

The Prisoner

The game is only downloable with tape number 63, from Commodore Format. You can grab the TAP file on the link that is in the bottom of this post.

The Prisoner

To win one of the prizes you have to finish the adventure and explain us in a mail that you have to send to our address: how it ends. Furthermore you have to add your personal address, the Nick and your WEB address, if you have one, so we can publish the results and send you the prize. 
Commodore Plus keeps the right to decline any answer which is considered not convenient and doesn't perform the general rules. Hurry up and start to play the game to help escape number 6 from the Village.

The Prisoner in Retrogamer


  • GFX: Ebony
  • Idea & code: Bieno
  • Cover design: Josepzin
  • SID: Baron Ashler (Kabuto Factory)
  • ZX Spectrum version: Rockersuke
  • Amstrad CPC version: MiguelSky 

Programs used and greetings:

  • HERE you can go to download the Commodore Format tape with the game
  • HERE you can go to download the game and other extras from ITCHIO.
  • HERE you can go to the Amstrad CPC release
  • HERE you can go to de ZX Spectrum release
  • HERE you can visit the Wikipedia from the TV Show
  • HERE you can go to the Spanish release and downloads.
  • HERE can you load the special edition from Tally-Ho newspaper about this game.

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